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Nurse navigators and other clinical professionals collaborate with LiveLung to provide their patients with Hope Totes. LiveLung ships Hope Totes to nurses at more than 40 cancer centers across the U.S. Hope Totes are filled with practical items to help patients and their partners on their lung cancer treatment journey, such as the book, “The ABCs of Lung Cancer for Patients and Advocates,” co-authored by LiveLung Founder Dusty Donaldson and her daughter Kimberly Lester. Importantly, Hope Totes also include information to help them connect with the lung cancer community. Nurse navigators demonstrate their thoughtful care of their patients by placing a Hope Tote in their hands. LiveLung has distributed thousands of Hope Totes and are grateful to our nurse navigators for their vital role in recognizing the importance of community and survivorship in a patient’s lung cancer journey.

Meet our Hope Tote Heroes

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Hope Totes

To achieve our mission of advancing lung cancer education, early detection and compassion for people impacted by lung cancer, LiveLung provides Hope Totes to dozens of cancer centers where nurse navigators distribute them to newly diagnosed lung cancer patients. Hope Totes are resource bags filled with thoughtful, practical items to help patients on their treatment journey. These gifts are one way we demonstrate compassion for the lung cancer community. Hope Totes help strengthen relationships among providers, patients, and our advocacy organization. Also, as many nurses have shared, the simple act of gifting a Hope Tote to their patients, strengthens the bond between nurse and patient. ​In addition to the many helpful items such as a notebook, pocket calendar, “The ABCs of Lung Cancer for Patients and Advocates,” book, and more, Hope Totes include a postcard with contact information and details about a community meeting. So, our Hope Totes are also an outreach tool to connect patients with others in their community. We provide Hope Totes to communities where we host monthly educational patient group meetings, and to cancer centers where there is not an in-person meeting. In those communities, we provide postcards with information about our monthly virtual meetings. Ask your nurse navigator if they receive our Hope Totes. If your cancer center is not one of our collaborative partners and you would like to receive a Hope Tote, register to attend our LiveLung meetings to request one be sent to you.

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