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Badri Rengarajan, MD: Lurbinectedin (Zepzelca)

Badri Rengarajan, MD

Medical Director in Solid Tumors, Jazz Pharmaceuticals

This video was recorded April 16, 2024 at the 2nd Annual LiveLung Small Cell Summit The 2nd Annual LiveLung Small Cell Summit was held April 16-17, 2024 in Raleigh, NC. We were honored to bring together Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients and their caregivers with ten renowned experts in the field of SCLC, including Badri Rengarajan, MD.

About the Speaker

Badri Rengarajan, MD serves as a medical director in solid tumors at Jazz Pharmaceuticals, where he covers Zepzelca (lurbinectedin) and various pipeline candidates. Dr. Rengarajan helped launch Zepzelca (lurbinectedin) in small cell lung cancer and currently supports several medical affairs activities, including product/brand strategy, market research, investigator-initiated trials, clinical development studies, and real-world evidence/health economics projects. He previously served as medical affairs lead for the ASPIRE unit at Actelion Pharmaceuticals. He’s held roles in healthcare modeling and analytics, product development strategy & new product planning, regulatory affairs, market research, and business development. In his extracurricular time, he serves on the board of a nonprofit foundation assisting patients with two ultra-rare autoimmune skin diseases. Dr. Rengarajan earned an A.B. in Biology and Public Policy from Harvard University and an M.D. from Yale University.

The LiveLung Small Cell Lung Cancer Program is supported in-part by grants from AstraZeneca, Amgen, and Jazz Pharmaceutical. The 2nd Annual LiveLung Small Cell Lung Cancer Summit was made possible in-part by grants from AstraZeneca, Amgen, Henlius, Jazz Pharmaceutical, Catalyst, and Gilead.

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